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Pathways for the future of sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean - Part 2

Enabling actions for more sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean

This second dialogue co-convened by CIHEAM, FAO, UfM, OPN-SFSP, and PRMA is the prosecution of the Dialogue on “Pathways for the future of sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean” held in April. The objectives of the 2nd SFS-MED Dialogue are:

  • Catalysing joint action to improve the sustainability, understanding and resilience of Mediterranean food systems by bridging Sustainable Consumption And Production (SCP), using the Mediterranean diet as a lever of change, among others.
  • Engaging a wide network of SFS stakeholders within the broader framework of green, blue and circular economy, where the SFS-MED Platform can play a key role in strengthening regional cooperation at the service of Mediterranean youth and women to accelerate regional implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

The Official Feedback Form is available at this link.

Among potential means of implementation that could be instrumental in transforming food systems is the Mediterranean diet, emerging as a powerful lever for bridging food consumption and production to accelerate food systems transformation in the whole Mediterranean region.

Published on January 31, 2022

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12:30 pm
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04:00 pm

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