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LAMBDA Big Data Analytics Summer School 2021

The LAMBDA Big Data Analytics Summer School 2021 (15-17.06.2021) was a series of theoretical and practical lectures from the energy domain prepared by the LAMBDA Network of Experts,, supported by the LAMBDA project (Learning, Applying, Multiplying Big Data Analytics, 2018-2021, GA 809965). The 3rd edition of the Summer School was dedicated to advanced ICT technologies that facilitate and accelerate the green and digital transition and implementation of the Green Deal initiative. The goal of the three-day event was to show how the integration of energy production and consumption components through the smart grid concept enables increased demand response and energy efficiency.

We are all witnesses to increased energy consumption and power grid operation vulnerability as contemporary problems worldwide. The large intermittent power flows from renewables put a strain on the power grid, thus making it more challenging to ensure that the electricity supply matches demand. For solving such problems, we are in a need of effective energy service concepts, capable of enabling energy efficiency and flexibility resources at the demand side, which is still largely untapped.

At the LAMBDA event, technical solutions were presented and the adoption of different energy services, by stakeholders from the energy value chain was discussed.

Specific topics covered in the school include were:

·         Big Data & Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy

o    Challenges in Energy Management Solutions (Production, Transmission, and Consumption)

o    Renewable Energy Sources and Smart Energy Management

o    Smart Grids Management

o    Building Energy Management System

·         Big Data & Analytical Services

o    Forecasting Models

o    Predictive Maintenance

o    Energy Usage Optimization

·         Semantic Technologies for Energy

o    Semantic Models and Standards

o    Knowledge Graphs in the Energy Domain


o    Interoperability and European Data Spaces

Published on February 20, 2023

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