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Creative Glass Forum

The event was dedicated to the tradition of glassmaking and the new paradigm of the creative economy, and through the participation of foreign and domestic participants, it provided insight into the interrelations of cultural heritage and the creative economy in the field of glassmaking.

The Forum's focus was the development of Creative economy based on the use of recycled materials and waste and its potential impact on the environment and economic development.  Participants from Serbia, Turkey, Slovenia, Czechia, and other countries presented work on creative economy development using glass and recycled glass thus emphasizing sustainable production through use of recycled material.

  Hosts from the Faculty of Economics and FREN presented possibilities for developing the economy based on the circular economy approach. The Forum also discussed how the rehabilitation of cultural and industrial heritage can be used to stimulate local economic development, new employment, and rebranding.

Published on February 17, 2023

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Event start date
01:00 pm
Event end date
05:00 pm

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