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Conscious consumption for a New economy

The NESI Forum has been held in Málaga (Spain) in April 2019. Here you can access to the key findings about CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION extracted from the conversations of 800 experts discussing an co-creating the basis for a new economy to achieve SDG Goals in 2030. This document has been written by Amaya Apesteguía, Carlos Trías, Cristian Figueroa, Leire Iriarte and Nuria Fernández Muñiz, based on the discussions and recommendations of the NESI FORUM 2019
The Nesi Forum has been confirmed as the meeting point for people and organizations that want to create an economy at the service of people and the planet. This second edition has been devoted to analyzing how we can get a 2030 in which the Sustainable Development Goals have been reached. The thoughts have focused on six main tracks: energy and resources, food, textiles, finance, urban and work. In all the tracks of the NESI 2019 Forum, the topic of conscious consumption has been discussed in depth. We've participated and generated conclusions about the future of conscious consumption in five different tracks: fashion, food, future of work, finances, and energy& resources. 800 people from 40 countries has participated. It's network effect is difficult to assess, but we expect the NESI Forum to be part of the change towards a new sustainable economy, and produce connections and inspiration to reach the 2030 Agenda. Please contact Or
Published on May 13, 2019

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nesi - conscious consumption conclusions - en.pdf
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