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Assessments and perspectives on the regulation of advertising in France, 2 years after the Climate Law- Conference

Communication and democracy and the Veblen Institute are organizing an event at the National Assembly on Wednesday March 13 with key players on the issues of advertising regulation. The objective will be to take stock of the subject, 2 years after the adoption of the Climate and Resilience law and while the European Union is accelerating in the fight against greenwashing.

In 2020, the proposals of the Citizens' Climate Convention put the issues of advertising regulation at the center of questions of ecological transition. The Climate and Resilience law, adopted the following year, introduced several measures on the subject. During the year 2023, and as the European Union advances rapidly in the fight against greenwashing, several important institutional contributions have emerged in France on these subjects: Great business challenge for the planet, Economic and Social Council , United Nations Environment Program in particular. In a review-perspective approach, the Communication and Democracy association and the Veblen Institute are organizing two round tables between different key players on advertising regulation issues.


Published on February 29, 2024


Laetitia Montero

  • Programme Manager, ecolabels and consumer information
  • United Nations Environment Programme

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03:59 pm
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03:59 pm

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