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Joost Backer


Bringing transformative change across agri-commodity sectors, one step at a time with NewForesight.

Examples of projects through which I aim to drive market transformation:

(1) Create the long-term strategy of several multi-stakeholder partnerships in agricultural commodity sectors (2021).

(2) Business case analysis to understand the P&Ls of 200,000 cotton farmers in Chad and increase sustainable production. IDH SDM Case Study (2021).

(3) In-depth research to identify how to improve working conditions and wage levels in the coffee, tea and banana sector. ILO / Rainforest Alliance (2021).

(4) Convening the coffee sector to build a Public-Private Task Force and drive sustainable market transformation on living income, deforestation and other topics (2019-2020).

(5) Transition-analysis to identify the necessary interventions to accelerate the green protein transition in the Netherlands. Stichting DOEN - Voorlopen in de eiwittransitie (2019).