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Olivier NUSS


Recycling and recovery of waste   - Pyrolysis of end-of-life tires in fuel   - Recyclage et la revalorisation des déchets - Pyrolyse des pneus en fin de vie en fioul Noir de carbone récupéré (remplace N330)


Ladies and gentlemen,

we design and build tailor-made, modular waste disposal facilities, which can be extended and optimized over time.

Each project is the result of the consolidated experience in the sector and a careful analysis of market and customer needs, which plays a very important active role in this first phase of the process.

Indeed, it is only by working together that it is possible to create a synergy of experience and know-how to create a unique and high-performance product.The initial advice, with a first commercial approach, aims to understand some fundamental aspects for the design of the tailor-made recycling line:customer need the type of waste (tyres, WEEE, wood, plastic, etc.)

the quantity to be processed object of supply possibility of recovering waste after treatment the characteristics of the environment in which the disposal facility will be installed (a new installation must adapt to the physical environment in which it will be installed, while new machines must be compatible with the structure of the installation existing and must comply with all safety regulations in force in the country)

Functional technological solutions created to measure according to customer requirements for the recovery of secondary raw materials according to high levels of quality and purity.