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James Njuguna

The network is committed to creating collaboration/partnerships across the low-, middle- and high-income countries, reaching out through its coordinators to secure globally sustainable futures that are urgent and important.

I strongly believe that both my educational background and deep concern in Sustainable Consumption and Production make me the best OPN candidate. Furthermore, I wish to enhance my technical knowledge in general (throughout my PhD research study), and turn my focuso on the development and utilization of recycling technologies for resource efficiency. For example, with the rapid invasion of lectric vehicles (EVs) in the automobile market, there is a deep concern regarding the material constraints on the production of Li-ion batteries. The expanding production facilities of EVs has provoked an extensive re-examination of various approaches needed to enable a resource-efficient and economically feasible recycling system for li-ion batteries. 

Currently, I am in my final year studying a double master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology and Technical University of Applied Science Wildau (Germany), where I am expected to graduate by  April 2022.  I focused heavily on material science, taking courses in circular economy, renewable energy and material characterization environmental engineering. As a graduate assistant, I analysed some quantitative data from thermo-mechanical property characterization of recycled polyurethane from glycolysis polyol, serving as the first author of an article that was accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.