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Monica Borrero

Sustainability manager/ independent consultant

-Environmental Scientist, Master in International Development and Management and more than 12 years of experience in the design, implementation and monitoring of sustainable development programmes/projects internationally.
-Recently worked as a Project Manager of the Caribbean Biological Corridor at UN Environment - Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (Panama).
-UN Environment regional coordinator for the areas of Sustainable Public Procurement, ecollabelling, Eco-Innovation and resource efficiency in small and medium size enterprises.
- Experience with the establishment of key partnerships and fundraising at an international, national and local level.
-Worked at the National Cleaner Production Center (NCPC) in the implementation of different sustainable consumption and production projects in Colombia.
- Coordinated and participated in several Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs), Management Plans and Stakeholder Engagement Plans for hydrocarbons, mining and infrastructure projects in Colombia.
- Participated in the establishment of sustainable agricultural partnerships for rural development projects in Colombia.
- International academic formation and experience working in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.