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Fernanda Galvez

Bachelor of Science - Environmental Engineering

Climate Advocate with interests in research, social justice, public policy, and environmental education focused on climate change.

Bachelor in Environmental Engineering from the National Agrarian University La Molina with training in multiple national organizations on Climate Change such as the Citizen Movement against Climate Change (MOCICC) and the Municipality of Lima (MML) and international organizations such as the We Got This program of the WWF Singapore, at the Youth In Landscapes Initiative of the Global Landscape Forum (GLF), at The Climate Reality Project, among others.

Executive Director and Founder of Estación CLIMA (The Climate Station) youth organization that, understanding the importance of having a science-public policy interface on climate change, integrates research, participation and advocacy in spaces of governance, climate education and community projects to contribute to the transition to a just and sustainable social system. 

Creator of PAINOT ( climate education and educational illustration project to disseminate climate science, climate action initiatives, political-social conjuncture related to the environment and more related actions. It has the objective of generating a community of youths that are informed about Climate Change.

Co-organizer of the LCOY Peru 2021, working as Coordinator of the Commission for Alliances and Political Advocacy. Process of strengthening youth governance in Peru, the result of which was the National Climate Declaration of the Peruvian Youth, a document shared in RCOY LAC 2021, Youth4Climate, COY16 and COP26.

Speaker and support in spaces of climate activism to motivate environmental education and governance in youth.