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Jyldyz Duishenova

Chief expert of the Division of Environmental Strategy and Policy, National ESD Focal Point of the Kyrgyz Republic,  Vice-Chair of UNECE ESD Steering Committee

Activities in environmental education and education for sustainable development since 1999. National Coordinator on ESD in the Kyrgyz Republic since 2005, Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee on ESD of the UNECE from 2008 to the present. 
I am the national coordinator of the Global Search for Sustainable Schools project in the Kyrgyz Republic, which was successfully completed in 2021.
As part of this project, infrastructural changes for sustainable consumption and production were directly implemented in 4 schools of the country, and about 40 nearby schools and the local community received indirect benefits.
In addition to the issues of responsible consumption, I coordinate work in the field of integrating issues of education for sustainable development, a sustainable lifestyle, into state educational standards.
My overall experience in this field is from 1999 to the present.