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Sustainable Public Procurement Guidelines on Passenger Cars

  • Published on November 28, 2019
The sustainable procurement guidelines for Passenger Cars for the Mauritius Public Procurement System have been developed with the twin objectives to give comprehensive information on the rationale behind the sustainable procurement recommendations and to present the sustainability criteria that can be used for Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP).
Motor vehicles exist in many forms and fulfil a variety of functions. Vehicles typically function in similar ways and although their material make-up may vary, it is their engine size/type and weight that distinguishes them from each other. In the United Nations WEBBUY system, operated by UNOPS, over 15 vehicle categories exist. These include the most popular categories; sedans, pick-ups, SUVs and light duty vehicles. Armoured vehicles are also amongst the most popular types of vehicles purchased, however, these and motorcycles do not fall under the scope of this guideline.

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