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Save Your Wardrobe - Product Lifetime Extension Case Studies on Electronic and Fashion Sectors

  • Published on February 23, 2023

Traditionally, both textile and electronics sectors rely strongly on natural resources, resulting in a huge environmental impact on the planet. However, both also have great potential for a circular economy with more sustainable consumption and production patterns, such as applying strategies of product lifetime extension. Even though there’s a long path ahead, many initiatives are already making a difference.

Together, UNEP and Akatu Institute developed 4 case studies of real-life initiatives across the globe from the textile and electronics sector that have different PLE strategies as a pillar of their business. Covering different products and services, all of them use product lifetime extension to try to solve a problem of modern society.


The case studies highlight the step-by-step behind their PLE strategies, success factors that can encourage other businesses, and numbers that measure their impact on the environment and on people over the years. Besides that, the next steps section shows the targets for a more circular and sustainable future, either by improving current practices or implementing new ones.


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