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Reset - Corporate social responsibility in the global electronics supply chain

  • Published on July 11, 2017
Publicación que provee una visión general de las cuestiones de la responsabilidad social de las empresas (Corporate Social Responsability – CSR) que son relevantes para el sector global de electrónicos. La publicación comprende cuatro partes: Introducción, aspectos sociales, ambientales y económicos. Publication that provides an overview of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues that are relevant for the global electronics sector; progressive initiatives are presented and concrete recommendations are formulated. The publication comprises four parts: Introduction, Social, Environmental and Economic aspects.
Part 3 is about the Environmental aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); it mentions useful tools such as Life Cycle Analysis and Eco-labeling. Part 4 is about the Economic aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); it has a section dedicated to public procurement.

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