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nutriMenu et ecoMenu score: Healthy and sustainable meals in restaurants

  • Published on January 28, 2022

With, chefs enter their recipe in a web platform that automatically evaluates its nutritional quality, as per national guidelines and also evaluates the environmental impact of the recipe based on the ingredients' origin, seasonality, labels such as Bio, MSC, fair trade etc. and together with CO2 emissions data, scores the menus from A to E

To address the challenges faced in public health and with climate crisis, the consumers play a crucial role and can have a powerful impact on food industry. Though an informed food choice, each consumer's purchase can help shift the food production towards a healthier and more sustainable food offer.

However, to leverage the powerful impact of consumer choice, the food offered in all food outlets, including collective and private restaurants must provide more transparency with regards to the nutritional quality and the environmental impact of their offer.

This transparency is currently readily available for nutritional quality of most package food items sold in supermarkets, however there are no clear, visually appealing labelling available in food consumed at work and school cafeterias, where millions of meals are consumed every day.

The collective restaurants are responsible for approximately one quarter of foods consumed per capita every year, and with their significant purchasing power, they can play a major role in shifting the food production. However, those responsible in food production in collective restaurant settings have very little training or knowledge regarding the health and environmental impact of their recipes.

The tool is designed to educate and help improve the nutritional and environmental quality of meals offered in collective restaurant settings and to our knowledge, is the only tool that provides such transparency for nutritional quality and environmental impact of meals in the form of clear colour coded scoring systems that facilitate healthy and sustainable food choices by the consumer.

Implemented since 2016, has helped improve the quality of millions of meals in schools and work cafeterias across Switzerland and it was awarded the first prize in the Grand Prix Suisse for its impact in improving the nutritional quality of meals served in Lausanne, and continues to serve collective restaurants in improving the nutritional quality of their meals while reducing the environmental impact of their offer.

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An example of menus using nutriMenu at EPFL:


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