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My First Recycling Program: From diaper to diaper, we change tomorrow.

  • Published on February 11, 2022

The North American multinational of personal hygiene products Kimberly-Clark, through its Huggies brand and in partnership with the company specialized in circular economy Boomera, developed "My First Recycling Program", an initiative to recycle disposable diapers, in addition to raising awareness of parents, students, and schools and the community about the importance of preserving the environment.

In the program, unprecedented in Latin America, diapers used in schools are collected, recycled, and transformed into raw material for new products. The schools participating in the program receive training on the environmental impact and the correct awareness of diapers' use, storage, and destination.

An article for Invest EXAME Magazine published in December 2021 informs that the program will start only in schools in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, in a pilot phase, so that learning and adjustments can be later implemented, in addition to studies to understand the feasibility to scale the project.


"My First Recycling Program" can recycle around 100 tons in the first year. This pilot phase will help to collect all the lessons learned from the experience and, based on the results, form a plan for its expansion.

"In 2020, we achieved the zero-landfill milestone in all Brazilian factories, which means that no surplus production is disposed of in landfills. From polymers to organic matter generated in factory restaurants, everything is reused, and nothing goes to waste," says Rolim.

To reach My First Recycling Program, the companies involved carried out the research. They listened to parents of children in a survey carried out with the IPSOS Institute, which revealed the concern of families with issues involving the environment. The practicality factor also appeared as a stimulus for engaging in initiatives that aim to contribute to preserving our ecosystem.

"Boomera supports partners in projects and products that generate positive socio-environmental impacts. Boomera and Kimberly-Clark partnership made possible a new life cycle for a product that was not part of the circular chain, developing a technology to transform waste into raw material for new products", says Guilherme Brammer, CEO, and Founder of Boomera.


Other Huggies initiatives

Recently, the brand announced changes in the formulas of the bath line for babies. Diaper rash creams were the first to have this reformulation and, since 2019, they no longer have preservatives in their ingredient list. The Chamomile Tea line also removed the yellow dye, replaced by substances that protect seas, rivers, and underground drinking water reserves. Bar soap also changed in 2020, adopting a vegetable base and certified palm oil.

Earlier this year, the brand announced the 200ml Extra Mild Liquid Soap refill version launch. The new format has a 75% reduction in plastic use compared to traditional packaging.





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