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Measuring What Matters. Values-Based Indicators Toolkit. A Methods Sourcebook.

  • Published on November 8, 2018
While values underlie much of human behaviour, they have long been considered intangible and unmeasurable. New methods and indicators pioneerd by a European Union-funded research project show how values are expressed and can be measured. This module explains the background and approach for those who want to create their own indicators adapted to their needs.
This toolkit provides and introduction to values-based learning as revealed through the design and use of values-based indicators and activities. It shows how values, which have long seemed intangible and unmeasurable, are reflection in actions that make them visible. They can become an assessable outcome of the educational process. It will be particularly useful for those who want to understand the approaches behind values-based learning, and who may want to design their own indicators and activities to respond to a specific need.

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