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Instructivo de Aplicación de Criterios Sustentables - Advance SCP in Chile

  • Published on August 26, 2019
The general objective of this document is that it could be a tool for State entities to incorporate sustainability in their purchasing processes, through the application of sustainable criteria. The document contains the following information: • The goods and services that could integrate sustainability criteria • The criteria and verifiers that can be applied in the purchase processes (ChileCompra Express Store, Tenders and Direct Deals) for the recommended goods and services. • The environmental and economic benefits derived from the purchase of goods and services with sustainability criteria. • Data on the availability of goods and services with sustainable criteria in the Chilean market.
This document "Instruction of the Application of Sustainable Criteria” corresponds to a complementary document to the“ National Plan of Sustainable Public Procurement ”. These two documents are part of the “Advancing and measuring sustainable consumption and production for a low carbon economy in Chile” project, developed by the Chilean Ministry of Environment, the consultancy Cicloambiente and UN Environment, and funded by the International Climate Initiative (ICI) and the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) in Germany.

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