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The iBRoad Concept in practice

  • Published on December 10, 2018
The report aims to elaborate on the concept and benefits of the Individual Building Renovation Roadmap, giving an overview of the potential services to be provided by the relevant software itself, as well as of the potential links with other tools or services available on the market, and present the ones that are to be actually implemented and tested under the iBRoad project.
Chapter I of the report includes objectives and describes the iBRoad concept. Chapter II presents the methodology followed to identify potential services, translated into IT functionalities, and relevant links. Since these functionalities are related to the logbook data structure and the user’s needs, Chapter II also presents a summary of these to guide the reader. Chapter III is the core of this report, exploring the possible iBRoad functionalities, while Chapter IV dives deeper into the functionalities to be implemented during the iBRoad project. Chapter V exemplifies the graphical guidelines for the visual layout of the two software tools. Finally, Chapter VI presents the final considerations on this topic, highlighting some recommendations and future work.

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