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Florverde Impact, Monitoring and Evaluation System (Florverde I, M&E)

  • Published on February 12, 2020
Free process that allows certified farms measure and analyze its individual performance on environmental, social and quality issues through indicators. The indicators used are: water use, energy use, active ingredient comsumption, waste management, carbon footprint, absenteeism, accidentality and severity, and economic issues. It was implemented since 1998 and continues evolving to ensure robust, transparent and sustainable floriculture.
The main objetives of Florverde I, M&E are: Facilitates the farms to have a system that allows to monitoring their performance in the use of some resources and compare themselves Evaluate individual and group performance Design strategies and implement individual and group improvement actions Represent farms before stakeholders with reliable information More than 124 farms involved More than 22 years of data on the environmental and social performance of flower grower companies More than 1 Million of records to know the state, to stablish trends and to create strategies for the continuous improvement. Carbon footprint measures

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