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ECOGLOBE LTD Organic Certification

  • Published on November 21, 2016
ECOGLOBE LTD is internationally recognized organic certification body founded in 2002. It is pioneering in Armenia and other countries of CIS and EECCA region with emerging markets. The organization promotes local organic markets and opens access to the world's markets.
One of the major barriers for organic producers in Eastern Europe and Caucuses is the high price and administrative burden of obtaining international organic certification. A local organic certification company, ECOGLOBE, has been accredited by the German and US authorities. Goals: To guarantee the legitimacy of organically grown products To offer the credibility and protection to the consumer To provide independent, qualified, efficient, economically accessible certification and inspection services To secure the organic market integrity To be a leading organic certifying company To have internationally recognized quality system As a result, manufacturers certified by the company can now sell produce on the US and EU organic market, where demand is expected to continue to rise. See website

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