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Travel Green Planet 2030

  • Published on February 10, 2020
The initiative aims to ensure all tourism activities in destinations with protected areas and cultural heritage sites are sustainably certified by 2030 as part of SCP12. As a common Stakeholder Collaboration and Territorial Mapping tool ECOTRANS manages the global Tourism2030 Green Travel Maps under collective access ownership to make the certification mapping and market-place monitoring immediately implementable. The users' synergies in boosting sustainable tourism will be reported annually.
The Travel Green Planet Collaboration Initiative 2020-2030 was launched at ITB2019. This clustering process addresses the need for networks to cluster and focus on SDG implementation. We are looking at the most difficult of networking actions i.e. government, business and civil society We are looking at the most difficult of networking actions i.e. government, business and civil society collaboration for both implementation and monitoring of the real success- and no longer rhetorical commentary - on the pragmatic implementation of the SDGs. Furthermore, we are focusing on tourism opportunity and impact In the most biodiversity rich territories around the world, Ie the waters and lands of SDG14& 15 - all highly valued by ITB Exhibitors, as a tour of all the nature picture-filled halls shows. In addition to SDGs14 and 15, the focus you want on SDG 13 is also one of our key targets. We are promoting SDG 12 (Sustainable Consumption & Production) as a positive driver of most other SDGs, especially 13,14 and 15, giving tourism stakeholders a role in the overall move to sustainable development as a whole as well and biodiversity conservation in particular. Bringing ALL tourism stakeholders into an SCP process either through voluntary or mandatory means will facilitate much-needed territorial sustainability. Where that happens we will see stakeholders minimizing emissions, caring for species and habitat, and ensuring fair employment and economic opportunity for all. We don’t expect all stakeholders to for this , but we need to support those who wish to and need the knowledge tools and connections to do this. Certification has a key role to play in the development of SCP. What we will add from our work is that we now have Tourism 2030 operating as a an ERASMUS-funded Knowledge Alliance that has public access tools to map, manage and measure the development of third party certified businesses, products and services in tourism destinations both locally and globally. Main tools are: a. the global "Certification Quickfinder" with all environmental and sustainabl tourism certificates (more than 200) b. the global "Green Travel Maps" largest tourism SCP supply chain market place with the locations of certified businesses and destinations (more than 15,000) with links to their green proofs. Ecotrans is a not-for-profit NGO and will provide the commonly shared Travel Green Planet maps in agreement with the certification programmes as owners of the data. The project has already produced the worlds largest independent sustainable tourism market place (Certification Quickfinder and Green Travel Maps on and innovative solutions for clustering stakeholders (Travel Green Europe app). Furthe impacts and results will be delivered in the next decade. Please contact the Travel Green Planet 2030 initiative at: ECOTRANS e.V. Herbert Hamele > Gordon Sillence >

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