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Reduction of food waste in two hotels of the Cubanacán Group at Varadero tourist destination

  • Published on January 10, 2020
Iberostar Varadero and Royalton Hicacos hotels, belonging to Cubanacán Group in Varadero tourist destination, have adopted better practices to contribute to the fulfillment of target 12.3 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, related to food waste reduction. Among them, the transfer of bakery and pastry products, cheeses, desserts and sausages not consumed by hotel guests at breakfast and lunch buffets to employee´s cafeteria and dining room and studies on food guest acceptance.
Reduce food waste by implementing better management practices. 1- More efficient use of food supplies and reduction of discarded food and generated wastes. 2- Use of surplus food of excellent quality for employee consumption that, otherwise, would have been destined for animal feed, requiring transportation. 3- Improvement of the employee diet and elevation of their satisfaction in relation to working conditions in the organization, which rebounds on the good service offered to guests. Training of the involved actors (suppliers, employees) in good management practices and systematic control of their aplication. Continue studying the food consumer behavior to identify opportunities to reduce food losses and waste. Quantify the reduction of food waste after the change in practices.
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