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Red Rocks Housing scheme

  • Published on December 20, 2019
The housing schemes initiative works with communities living in the areas surrounding the virunnga massif and In the light of these realities of urbanization and its consequences on the environment and wildlife it is necessary to design policies for sustainable housing in a manner that provide balance between environment and urban growth. This not only involves developing sustainable building applicable to the virunga regions, economic conditions.
The Red Rocks housing scheme provides the community with knowledge, and expertise assistance as a basis for household improvement and this leads to empowerment of poor people giving members of our society a feeling of self-worth. Thus, in order to be sustainable, housing initiatives must be economically viable, socially acceptable and affordable, technically feasible and environmentally-friendly. We also actively promote and support resident engagement in the management, maintenance and development of their homes through resident workshops to share and train them in new concepts of construction and building for the future It is pertinent to note that housing sector can significantly contribute to sustainability because of its close association with environmental aspects: 1. Buildings consume large amounts of natural and man-made resource in construction, maintenance and continued use by society. 2. Buildings are a fixed asset with a long operational lifespan. 7 3. Buildings are among the fundamental necessity for a good quality of life, and thus have implications beyond housing affecting transport, health, employment and community. 4. Buildings are amenable to numerous ways in which recycled materials can be reused for construction. 5. Large number of innovations are available for efficiently operating the buildings including use of recycled material for construction, wastewater treatment and use, energy efficiency, solar heating, passive solar heating, creating urban green spaces in proximity to compact housing
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