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On line Petition urging Uganda Government to pass a fair and equitable climate change law

  • Published on December 6, 2018
In advancing the concerns already expressed by other Ugandan civil society on a draft climate change bill, UCSD took lead in setting up this online petition targeting the Speaker of Parliament, The Prime Minister and the Minister of Water, Environment, and other relevant law makers - that when this important Bill comes before the floor of Parliament of Uganda, the 5 specific glaring equitable and fairness related gaps must be addressed. More:
To influence the enactement of a fair and equitable climate law in Uganda Online sign on by Uganda and other supporters is ongoing - Increased awareness about this legislative process amongst NGOs and other actors - Hopefully the issues raised will be taken up by the legislators and Uganda Government since they are in public domain Looking forward to interested stakeholders for their support by sign on this petition here:

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