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Greenpositive ,a Sustainable Initiative for Language Schools in Spain

  • Published on May 9, 2020
Greenpositive is a sustainable initiative created within the framework of FECEI, the National Federation of Language Schools in Spain which on 21st June 2019 launched its own sustainability policy. FECEI holds together 500 private centres in Spain thus having a direct reach of more than 75,000 students aswell as sponsors,stakeholders and international collaborators.
This initiative arises with the objective to promote a sustainable conscience to our students that implies the adoption of new habits and values of empathy and respect for the preservation of the environment. Our goals consist on sharing and proposing activities to be carried out in our almost 500 schools related to energy efficiency, zero waste, waste prevention and awareness of circular energy, thus creating a national sustainability policy applicable to all language centres that are part of the greenpositive programme. Though FECEI┬┤s Sustainability policy was first launched on21st June 2019, the Greenpositive programme was officially presented and then started its national expansion in February 2020.A number of centres (members) have signed in accepting an initial commitment to establish and apply the programme, being our initial goal to have some results for a first auditory at the end of the first year. At the Commitee we aim to be reaching most of the 500 centres (FECEI members) in three years. By sending an email to :

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