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Green Hotel Guideline of Bhutan

  • Published on December 19, 2017
This green hotel guideline has been developed under Sustainable Tourism component of Switch-Asia support funded through UNEP. The guideline is being developed by National Environment Commission in collonbration of Tourism Council of Bhutan, Hotel Association of Bhutan, Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators, Guide Association of Bhutan and Department of Revenue and Customs. It aims to encourage hotels to apply green components. Most of the hotels are interested.
To promote sustainable tourism through implementation of green initiatives. Tourism sector is one of the most important sectors and growing rapidly. This sectors involves huge construction and development of hotels. To encourage hotels to go green, this guideline is being developed with the aim of encouraging hotels. Certain fiscal incentives are also being provided to encourage hotels. Green Hotel Guideline Developed Awareness and sensitization on guideline is being conducted to hotels in Thimphu and Paro. Plan to do similar awareness and sensitization to all the hotels in Bhutan. Plan to build capacity of hotel management and staff Plan to implement this guideline in selected hotels on cost sharing basis. Not yet done as assessment since we have not yet implemented. Need to partner with hotels to implement the guideline and do the assessment after about 1 to 2 years to see the changes and benefits. Require support financially and technical experts on green hotel guideline Engage and partner with Tourism Council of Bhutan, Hotel Association of Bhutan and Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators
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