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Green December 2020

  • Published on January 12, 2021
Green December is EEG’s last campaign for the year, it is focused on its student members who are tasked with collecting specified amounts of recyclables within a specific time frame. Campaigns like this are essential to inculcate a love for the environment and the need to protect it amongst the youth. It also showcases the dedication of the youth towards sustainability. The recyclables that students are required to collect are: Paper, Aluminium Cans, Mobiles Phones, Glass, Plastic and Toners.
• To create awareness amongst the student community about SDG Goal no.12 -sustainable consumption and production • To educate the students on the importance of reducing the quantity of waste produced on an individual and family level • To instil a sense of responsibility towards environmental protection & preservation amongst the student community of the country • To reduce the amount of waste going to landfills • To inculcate the habit of recycling amongst the youth as a means to achieve circular economy • To help save resources such as energy, water and raw material In 2020, EEG was able to collect 1. 8,395 Kg of Paper 2. 501 Kg of Plastic 3. 57 Kg of Aluminium Cans 4. 320 Kg of Glass 5. 200 mobile phones 6. 53 toners. With careful calculation, these amounts would be able to mitigate 34 MT CO2, conserve 231 million BTU of energy, save 50 m3 of landfill space as well as prevent 307 trees from being cut, and avoid the combustion of 716 gallons of gasoline. In the upcoming year, we would like to: 1. Collaborate with the right partners to be able to engage more schools in the UAE to be able to organise this programme in every emirate. 2. Invite the private sector to come on board for sponsorship opportunities 3. Reach out to families to encourage them to register their children in the programme
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