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  • Published on January 7, 2021
Evidensia provides easy access to credible research on the sustainability impacts of supply chain initiatives and tools, including standards and certification. Evidensia is the largest online repository of evidence on the impacts of market-based sustainability tools and approaches, catering to businesses, practitioners, governments, and researchers.
Evidensia's mission is to provide easy access and to interpret credible research on the sustainability impacts and effectiveness of supply chain initiatives and tools. It provides a portal to information and evidence and supports shared learning through its insights and analysis. The goal is to ensure that credible research and evidence positively influences corporate and government decisions regarding sustainable commodity production and sourcing. Evidensia helps businesses build a sustainable supply chain based on a clear understanding of what works best, where, and why. For governments and policy-makers, Evidensia aims at providing the policy action with the latest evidence. For sustainability practitioners and implementers, Evidensia is a trusted source for evidence that can be used to help design and continuously improve sustainability tools and initiatives. For researchers and academics, Evidensia disseminates impact studies and reports and highlights crucial research gaps. Since its launch, the Evidensia platform has received over 15k unique visitors who engaged with the content. In 2020, Evidensia became a comprehensive repository on impacts of market tools on agriculture and farmer livelihoods. Evidensia helps you access, interpret and use credible evidence on the impacts of sustainability tools and approaches • For business: Evidensia helps you make informed sourcing decisions • For practitioners: Evidensia provides insight for learning, improvement and innovation • For government: Evidensia informs your policy action with the latest impacts evidence • For researchers: Evidensia gets your research in front of those who will use it Sign up to the Evidensia newsletter and follow @evidensianews on Twitter to stay informed!

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