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Emirates Recycling Awards 2020

  • Published on January 12, 2021
Every year, EEG celebrates World Environment Day by organising the Emirates Recycling Awards (previously known as the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony) to honour environmental heroes in the UAE who are committed to proper waste management, waste segregation and recycling. This event is also an opportunity to award supporters, sponsors and volunteers, without whom EEG’s outreach would be restricted. Over the years, EEG’s waste management portfolio has expanded to include several recycling campaigns
• To provide a recognition platform for the different sectors of the society • To promote environmental pro-action and mainstream sustainable practices in the country • To award the highest collectors in EEG’s various recycling campaigns • To award the top scoring student participants of the Environmental Drawing Competition • To stimulate a healthy competition between the various participants in recycling programmes • To engage various stakeholders in the World Environment Day celebrations In 2020, the Emirates Recycling Awards were organised under the theme – “Time for Nature” as a call to action for global efforts to come together in lieu of the environment. The success of EEG’s recycling programmes grows from strength to strength every year. These programmes are directed towards all sectors of the society to create a unified and lasting positive impact on the environment. Since the inception of these campaigns and programmes, EEG has successfully diverted 19,250,735 Kg of Paper, 342,559 Kg of Aluminium Cans, 64,104 pieces of Mobile Phones, 1,169,061 Kg of Plastic, 2,476,059 Kg of Glass and 105,754 pieces of Toners. These efforts have led to the mitigation of 82,349 MT of CO2e emissions, which is equivalent to the preservation of 125,057 m3 of landfill space and the conservation of 379,892 trees from being felled, saving of 259,632 gallons of gasoline and saving 583,914 million BTU of energy. The event holds a great significance in the country as it encourages peoples’ action and awareness towards environmental causes, which is the main objective of the United Nations World Environment Day.
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