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Elimination of single-use plastics in Iberostar Selection Varadero hotel

  • Published on January 10, 2020
The Iberostar Varadero hotel has consciously joined the Wage of Change movement launched by the Iberostar Group in 2017, which includes the elimination of single-use plastics among its lines of action, due to the adverse environmental impacts caused by this type of wastes.
Being a pioneer among the Cuban hotels in the elimination of single-use plastics while continuing to elevate the quality of the service provided to the guests, contributing in this way to the global efforts to reduce the impacts of this type of wastes on the terrestrial and aquatic environment. • Reduction of the environmental impacts generated by the production and use of plastics on the terrestrial and marine environment throughout their life cycle, and in particular, on the coastal area where the hotel is located (Varadero tourist destination). • Reduction of the generation of recyclable plastic wastes in the hotel (from 1,9 ton in 2018 to 0,3 ton in 2019). • Improvement of the hotel public image and business relationship. • Greater awareness of hotel guests and employees regarding the need of adopting better environmental practices and more sustainable lifestyles. Replacement of mini bottles of shampoo, bath gel, hair conditioner and body lotion placed in the rooms with refillable dispensers. 2- Use of amenities made with environmentally friendly materials and packed in stone paper, which will be delivered to guests if requested. 3- Quantify the quantities of eliminated plastics as a result of the measure implementation.
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