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Dunia Designs - The Sustainable Design Co.

  • Published on August 19, 2019
The aim of Dunia Designs is to close the loop between production and waste, making consumers active participants in environmental protection by giving a second life to waste plastics. In this way, the enterprise is helping consumers to strike a key balance between lifestyle quality and sustainability. By tapping off waste plastic and feeding it back into the growing global demand for home and lifestyle products, Dunia Designs contribute to a reduction in both forest depletion and plastic waste.
Ultimately, the mission of Dunia Designs is directly aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 to: “ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”. It addresses the global challenge to integrate environmental sustainability with economic growth and welfare by decoupling environmental degradation from economic development. Specifically, Dunia Designs is guided by SDG Target 12.5. Our vision is to create a world filled with wood-free furniture, where recycled plastic has taken its place. Dunia Designs - The Sustainable Design Co. addresses the challenge of plastic pollution by providing furniture buyers with high-quality, stylish, environmentally-conscious alternatives; eliminating the need for wood- based furniture and making use of the plastic that is polluting our environment. MARKET & INDUSTRY ANALYSIS The Dunia Advantage:  There are many furniture companies.  There are many furniture companies that use recycled materials.  There are environmental non-governmental organizations working to end plastic pollution.  There are environmental and educational non-governmental organizations working to provide environmental education to local students.  There are employment creation operations in developing countries.  Dunia Designs' truly USP is that we combine all of these efforts into one commercial, sustainable, viable social enterprise. USP:  Diversity of product range - we are the first company in the world to produce such a comprehensive product range from handbags to couches to decking from recycled plastic waste.  Dunia Designs provides a solution towards creating a critical shift in consumerism, striking a key balance between lifestyle quality and sustainability.  We have a proven ability to function in this market.  We provide solutions for personal as well as corporate furnishing options.  We give both private individuals and businesses access to high-quality, stylish, sustainable furniture, while catering to current trends  Right products, right time.  Fulfilling need for Tourism industry; businesses and companies to tick ecological footprint regulations.  Cradle to Cradle meeting UN's SDG #12 - Responsible Consumerism & Production Goal. At present we sell the following indoor & outdoor products at medium scale to lodges, businesses, schools and individuals: Bowls, Plates, Serving Trays, Signage, Recycling bins, Storage Boxes, Pouffes & Ottomans, Lazy chairs, Tables, Mirrors, Sofas, Beds, Couches, Armchairs, Cupboards, Dining, Decking, Cladding, Fencing, Benches, Dining Furniture, Sun-Loungers, Children’s Jungle gym. Partnerships:  Tanzanian Government (their environmental agencies and NEMA) regarding all of our initiatives and again, as a solution for capturing plastic waste.  Irish Aid- The Department of Foreign Aid & Trade have been supporting us consistently over the last 3 years granting us a total of $70,000.  Business Umbrella Groups/ Supplier Partnerships - See Business plan attached for all partnerships Dunia (Earth in Swahili) Designs exponentially advances a cradle to cradle economy, benefiting people and the environment by sustainably designing a wide range of home and lifestyle products with 90-100% recycling plastics. We are strongly commitmented to sustainability through their Four E’s.  Environment – cleaning the environment of unwanted plastics captured and collected from marine and land sources.  Employment – employing and upskilling local people in the entire process of waste management, from collection and processing to production and sales.  Education – providing tours of recycling facilities and educational talks to teach students, consumers and visitors the importance of recycling and the second life of plastic.  Enterprise – leading the industry in the design and production of high-quality products made from recycled materials. Achievements: 1. Since Dunia's conception projected figures show us that, by the end of 2019, we will have collected 560 metric tonnes of plastic. 2. We have reduced CO2 emissions of 130,000 Kgs per annum (PA). 3. Simultaneously supporting forest conservation, saving over 7,000 trees PA. 4. In the next 5 years, our vision sees us grow this model, running a minimum of 10 of these machines throughout East African (Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Southern Ethiopia and Uganda). 5. Our sales figures of over €400,000 in the last 4 years shows a viable business model & therefore improved circular economy (C2C). 6. Invited to the UN Environmental Assembly as an example of a best practice model. Social Impact: Dunia Designs affords widespread positive implications on individuals, communities, and the environment. Since launching we have:  Employed ten skilled carpenters and upholsterers in Arusha  Provided income to hundreds of environmental plastic waste collectors, who retrieve plastic waste from local waterways and public, natural places, and deliver to our collection centers for processing  Entered into waste collection agreements with over 50 schools and businesses  Created and sold products giving a second life to more than 400 tonnes of plastic waste, thus conserving a similar weight of forest products  Conducted over 600 hours of free educational tours to raise environmental awareness for schools and tourists  Used profits to fund educational fees for 10 children and adults on-going  Produced over 500 school desks for use in schools in East Africa. The Dunia Designs model is globally replicable. Dual Mission  To disrupt the market and tap into the demand that exists for high quality furniture and lifestyle commodities, increasing sales and profit as much as possible.  Raise awareness as much as possible of the issues at hand in terms of deforestation and the damage plastic in the environment. Producing furniture and products that are environmentally friendly and ultimately lower in cost (plastic lasts longer than wood). Marketing Objectives:  To present Dunia Designs as a reliable, high quality producer of stylish furniture, outdoor and indoor products.  To attract the attention of large corporates and the tourism industry in order to ensure that they improve their choices as far as furnishings go.  To create a sizeable customer base across the African Continent looking to source furniture in a sustainable way. We are currently in need of expansion funding (angel or impact) and or grants to allow us to scale-up and or franchise in other countries (pan-African and European first) simultaneous to continuing our operations here. We want to see this model replicated world wide to ensure consumer participation in positive environmental impact. We feel extremely confident in our investment readiness. we need warm introductions to investors who align with our goals. We seek funding for expansion (building of a flagship store), marketing and salaries for the following: a) Marketing; production of materials such as brochures and advertising b) Salary for marketing manager c) R & D looking at new technologies and methodologies emerging in the market d) HR - invest in bigger and more capable team e) Real estate and machinery - a place to showcase and produce our products. f) Legal costs. We are seeking to increase our ecosystem/network and gain a profile so that we can be linked in with like minded designers/retailers/investors and qualified workforce.

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