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Circular Procurement in practice

Purpose / Objective:

Public procurement is an important tool for the transition to a circular economy. Circular procurement can contribute to this by promoting closed cycles and material flows in production and supply chains, while at the same time the negative environmental impact and generation of waste is minimized throughout the life cycle.

Body of Text:

Knowledge has been passed on to participating / contracting organizations about working methods, guidelines, completed procurements and other experiences from the Flanders and Dutch projects. An assessment has been made of how the Flanders and Dutch experiences can be used in Sweden. A model for circular purchases / procurements has been evaluated. The experiences have been evaluated and documented in a report, and disseminated via a final meeting and report. The results have clearly formed the basis for a Swedish model for circular purchases / procurements (which is reported in the report mentioned below). 15 circular purchases / procurements (of 15 organizations) have been completed / tested in practice and experiences documented and shared. Clearly contribute to a Swedish model for circular purchases / procurements The project will continue during 2021 and involve more actors who are to do procurements.

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