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Circular Economy Hub (CEH) and the Digital Platform for Circular Economy Platform for Serbia (DPCES)

  • Published on February 15, 2022

Circular Economy Hub (CEH) and the Digital Platform for Circular Economy (DPCES) were established for the promotion of transition to circular economy business models in Serbia.

It is not possible to measure cost savings estimated/achieved at this moment but the savings will be significant.

The Circular Economy Hub is an example of good practice as well as regional crossroads of innovative, digital, social, and green approaches to economic development based on sustainable resource and waste management.

Future planning should build on the benefits identified in national/local development strategies and alignment with the capabilities of companies located in their territory, with the ultimate goal of industrial symbiosis at the local level.

HUB will also lead the market for connecting organizations to engage in performance-based payments for environmental services related to waste reparation and recycling. Financial support for projects could come in the form of sponsorships, investments or the purchase of loans that express the achieved impact on the environment.

The HUB consists of entities working together in a symbiotic way:

-           consulting services related to organizational change in companies

-           Institute for building collective intelligence

-           Academy to create new professionals

-           software branch for the development of scalable tools

-           community empowerment foundation

CEH & DPCES will be a direct channel of communication between the executive branch of government and the business sector and serve as a space where we will nurture dialogue on sustainable and responsible production and consumption. We strive to facilitate corporate best-practice exchange with the help of industry experts through the DPCES platform. We believe that facilitating better communication between corporate actors and local stakeholders, will promote sustainable, socially responsible & circular economic growth across the Western Balkans which is a key objective for the coming decades.

The Alliances for the green transition of Serbian companies which have implemented circular economy tools in their business in order to transfer good practice and experience to other companies, was organized within DPCES.

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