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CEDAC - Sustainable Agricultural Technical Support and Environmental Education in Kandal province, Cambodia, (AICA 3)

  • Published on June 23, 2014
To promote sustainable agricultural techniques to encourage capacity development of human resources in the environmental education and to secure the environmental benefits. The Project also promotes primary education because of its importance as the basis of sustainable development and global environmental conservation.
(1) 70% of the poorest family groups practice sustainable agriculture (agriculture satisfying both environment and development) and realize the merits. (2) Environmental and agricultural leaders in the villages are trained as CBFs, and an enabling environment for the capacity development of the next generation even after the termination of the Project is built. Training of project staff - Conduct baseline survey for target families - Training and coaching support to Community Based Facilitators (CBFs) - Training for Target Families by CBFs - Monthly Supporting for Target Families by Field Trainer and CBFs Purchasing Seed for Providing to Target Family - Creation of an educational tools “Sustainable agriculture and environment” - Establishment of International Ecological Village Center NA

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