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Capacity building on Type I Ecolabels in Latin America and Caribbean

  • Published on January 13, 2020
As the unique full member of GEN in Latin America, ABNT has been working hard in Latin America in order to show to the consumers, governments and companies the benefits of using Ecolabelling as a tool to enhance the environmental quality of products and to communicate to consumers, through a third-party certification, the environmental friendliness of Ecolabeled products.
Over the last ten years, the Brazilian Government has been working with ABNT to develop the process of Green Public Procurement, using the Type I Ecolabels as a technical requirement for some kind of products like furniture, papers, cleaning products and others. As a Chapter Leader in the Americas Region, ABNT, gathering forces with the Brazilian Government, aims to develop at least two different Ecolabel Programs in two different countries (Paraguay and Chile) until December, 2021. Outcome expected: - Development of the documents related to the Ecolabelling Program; - One set of criteria for one selected product; - Development (design) of the National Label; - Event for Launching the National Label. For more information:
Project start date
Project end date

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