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Support for Improved project culture in the construction industry

  • Published on February 12, 2024

Fewer errors, defects and damage contribute to better management of our resources. Lack of motivation and lack of commitment are important reasons why errors, defects and damage occur in the construction sector and there is great potential to reduce the occurrence of this through an improved project culture.

The environmental impact of the construction and property sector accounts for a significant part of society's environmental impact.

In 2018, Boverket did a survey that showed an annual cost of errors, defects and damages in the construction industry of just over SEK 100 billion. It is as much as 25% of the production volume that is not value-creating. But it also means a huge waste of resources in terms of materials and, moreover, this part constitutes a completely unnecessary climate impact.

In the report from 2018, the main reasons for the occurrence of errors, deficiencies and damages are also reported. One of the main reasons is lack of motivation and commitment.

A subsequent study showed that lack of motivation and commitment is related to the culture and values that prevail in many construction projects. The study also showed that there are great opportunities to influence the project culture in construction projects through conscious work.

 Boverket has therefore developed various supports for active value-based work for leaders in the construction industry who want to improve the project culture. In the support, knowledge and ideas can be obtained about how to practically go about shaping a good project culture and also how to set requirements for a value-based work in your procurement.

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