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Smart Specialization Strategy of the Republic of Serbia (4S)

  • Published on January 15, 2020
The measures mainly relate to streamlining the research activities through financing projects focused on the needs of the 4S and strengthening cross-sectoral cooperation, as well as developing the necessary infrastructure – both for research and business in the priority areas of the 4S, strengthening and modernizing educational activities in accordance with the needs of the 4S priority areas, the promotion of research and innovation potentials and offer in the 4S priority areas, as well as the further development of the ecosystem necessary for the full effects of research and innovation for the development of a knowledge-based economy… guided by Responsible research & innovation approach and ethical principles.
Implementation of 4S Smart Specialization in Serbia, among other goals, should motivate the private sector to increase awareness on the importance of sustainable productions and consumption practices into their operations. Also, 4S Strategy will provide policy mix including guidelines for policy framework related to sustainable production and consumption. Also this Strategy should provide framework for incentives and investments in innovations and for the private-public i.e academy-business partnership to facilitate and to ensure the success of this process.

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