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Seychelles Tourism Master Plan

  • Published on February 15, 2020
The Tourism Department embarked on an exercise to update the Tourism Master Plan, upon the launching of a new vision for tourism in Seychelles focused on developing the sector to the highest standards so as to achieve optimum social and economic benefits for the Seychellois people.
Consistent with the goals set for the tourism sector as defined in national development frameworks, the Tourism Master Plan: Situational Analysis points to the policy, regulatory, infrastructural, institutional, marketing, human resources and statistical gaps that need to be addressed to achieve such targets under the sustainable tourism goal. Subsequent to the development of Tourism Master Plan, it was seen necessary to not only conduct a situational analysis, but more importantly, a strategy for the way forward. The Tourism Strategy, entitled "Destination 2023", provides the roadmap for the sector's growth up to 2023 and beyond. It provides for maximizing wealth producing capacity of the Seychelles tourism sector enabled by pro-tourism business development policies and appropriate investment strategies.

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