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The National Waste Prevention Programme

  • Published on January 22, 2020
The purpose of the National Waste Prevention Programme (thereinafter - the Programme) is, upon the analysis of the current situation in the field of waste prevention, to define the waste prevention priorities, objectives and targets as well as measures for its implementation in order to ensure that, in accordance with the waste hierarchy, the highest priority in the area of waste prevention and management should be given to waste prevention, promotion of sustainable consumption and a rational use of resources and materials. The Programme sets out the waste prevention objectives, the aims and targets under the National Waste Prevention Programme 2014–2020, and the measures to achieve these aims as well as the quantitative criteria for the evaluation of the Programme, expected results and the institutions implementing the Programme.
The objectives of the Programme for 2014–2020 are as follows: - to achieve, in a growing economy a slower increase of waste generation from the manufacturing, construction and other sectors and that the amount of waste generated does not exceed the average of the EU Member States; - to achieve, along with consumption growth, a slower increase of municipal waste, including packaging, waste electrical and electronic equipment and biogradable waste and that the amount of municipal waste generated does not exceed the average of the EU Member States. According to that, all the measures determined in the Programme shall contribute to the achievement of the main objectives.

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