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  • Published on January 7, 2020
Goal of the programme is to disseminate education for sustainable development to public in order to engrain the trend on protecting the environment and cultural heritage, reducing the impact of climate change, adapting to climate change, reducing the disaster risk, applying environmentally friendly, resource efficient and healthy consumption pattern for all Mongolian citizens to contribute towards Mongolia's sustainable development. 2.2 Programme objectives Following objectives are identified in the frame of the programme. Objective 1: Integrate the aspects of environmentally friendly, resource efficient and profitable consumption pattern, healthy and safe lifestyle into the training curriculum by revising and enriching the content in pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational and higher education, and strengthen the capacity of human and technical resource for education; Objective 2: Introduce the principles of sustainable consumption and production to citizens, general public, private entities and government organizations and engage the participation of all stakeholders in order to associate them into activities; Objective 3: Continuously upgrade the public education for sustainable development and provide sufficient and quality service to public by improving the access of information; Objective 4: Improve the harmonization of all sector policies and programmes by implementing the principles of education for sustainable development and promoting collaboration and inter-sectorial coordination.
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