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  • Published on February 24, 2021
To enable the country to give expression to its commitment to the Paris Agreement and to give effect to the National Development Plan's vision of creating a low-carbon, climate resilient economy and a just society.
The Strategy will add impetus to the National Determined Contributions which outlines the country's contributions to the global goal of reducing national greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Adaptation to climate change presents South Africa with an opportunity to transform the health of the economy and build resilience, thus strengthening the social and spatial fabric, and enables the country to remain globally competitive. It will ensure that food production is not threatened, infrastructure is resilient and enable continued sustainable economic development. This Strategy is an important step forward for South Africa. We now have a common reference point for climate change adaptation efforts in South Africa in the short to medium-term, providing guidance across all levels of government, sectors, and stakeholders affected by climate variability and change.

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