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  • Published on February 28, 2020
is to involve key stakeholders (international organizations, national and local public authorities, businesses, consumers, civil society, universities and research organizations) in sustainable consumption and production models as well as in saving measures circular, leading to the efficient use and preservation of resources, the reduction of pollution, the dissociation between the development process and environmental degradation, and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles.
1.Promote innovation and use BAT and BEP including (but not only) environmental performance, human protection (non-toxic products and manufacturing processes), resource efficiency, renewable energies, in the manufacture of goods consumption and the provision of alternative services.
 2. Promote innovation and use BAT and BEP to implement the hierarchy in waste management and encourage closed material cycles. This measure should consider the elimination of toxic substances, product durability, separability as well as dematerialization; it should also include encouraging value chains in the ecological sectors by setting up industrial recycling and reconditioning networks, which would put together the companies that generate waste and those that recycle it.
 3. Promote, use and develop tools such as eco-design, life cycle management, risk assessment of chemicals, replacement of hazardous chemicals, and cradle-to-cradle approach to facilitate sustainable design and production of manufactured goods. This should include the formulation and promotion of a related research and development program and the compilation of best practice cases.
 4. Foster the creation of green businesses and jobs in the manufacturing and sustainable recycling / repair of goods, as well as alternative services, such as the transition from an economy based on product ownership to an economy based on service and rental systems, social enterprises and other innovative business approaches.

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