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Department Circular No. DC2020-09-0018 or the “Guidelines, Rules, and Procedures in the Administration, Classification, and Certification of Energy Service Companies”

  • Published on February 10, 2022

The Department Circular is pursuant to Section 13 of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (R.A. 11285) that mandates the DOE to strengthen the existing energy service companies (ESCO) certification system to develop this service sector and to provide the market with a source of technically and financially capable entities that can assist in the delivery of energy efficiency related projects. Consequently, Section 20 of R.A. 11285 mandates the Designated Establishments (DEs) to have an energy management system that will improve its energy consumption. Hence, we anticipate that the need for ESCOs in the country would increase.

Energy Service Companies or ESCOs are partners in compliance with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Act, as they offer multi-technology services and goods towards developing and designing EE projects, delivering, and guaranteeing energy savings, and ensuring cost-effective and optimal performance.

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