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Circular economy development programme in the Republic of Serbia for the period 2022-2024

  • Published on February 14, 2023

The Circular Economy Program was adopted by the government of the Republic of Serbia on 1st December 2022. General objective is to create a stimulating environment for the development of circular economy in order to support green transition in the Republic of Serbia, that will be reached through 5 specific goals:

  1. support to economy in transforming towards circular business models;
  2. support to local self-governments in creating circular communities;
  3. improve the waste management system through more efficient use of waste in circular economy;
  4. support the green public procurements and voluntary instruments in the area of environmental protection;
  5. raising awareness at interested public and educational institutions about the circular economy concept. 

Transition to a circular economy requires fundamental changes in the way production activities are planned and implemented, i.e., the way products are planned, designed, made and used. Also, it requires a change in the way society relates to needs and emphasizes new values of products and services, such as resource conservation and environmental protection. To achieve circularity in the economy, it is necessary to develop adequate business models based on innovations, which will meet future demands of consumers and users of services on the domestic and international market, such as the application of circular product design, extended product life, product reuse and repair, the possibility of material recycling, etc.

In conditions of increasingly pronounced population migration to urban areas and limited technical and social infrastructure, the preservation of resources and the environment become significant challenges. As one of the promising solutions, the formation of circular communities, based on circular economy, which, by applying modern technologies and “smart city” concepts, can provide an environment for the prosperity of economy and citizens in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. This policy document should contribute to sustainable consumption and production in reduction of material, water, energy use as well as in reduction of GHG emissions and pollutants reduction that will contribute in mitigate health risk factors.

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