The awareness of the human impact on the environment has increased, and there is a greater focus on personal as well as global consequences of individual lifestyle choices, unfortunately, sustainable development is still not a central topic of educational system in the Baltic states. To solve this problem, The Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre (LCYC) has started Erasmus + project "Jump into Sustainable Lifestyles“.

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  • Europe and Central Asia

Sectors of activity
Consumer Goods, Education, Food & Beverage

Type of initiative
Education & Awareness Raising, Research, Analysis, Assessment

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The aim of this project is to intensively disseminate and adapt innovative practices of education for sustainable development in partnering countries. Project partners created a toolkit for teachers by adapting PERL methodology to the needs of Baltic countries. This toolkit applies active learning approaches to engage students in direct exploration of sustainability topics.

Active learning methodologies encourage students to question the way they think, the values they hold and the decisions they make in the context of sustainable development.

The ultimate goal is for students to be open to change, to act co-operatively, to think, discuss and draw conclusions about different every day activities in a holistic, critical and creative way for the betterment of all humans.


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Impact and Results

The project members were: the Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre, the Eesti People to People Organization, The Centre of Creative Learning "Annas 2" in Latvia, and the Centre for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development in Norway. The learning materials that were created for the Baltics were used by 65 teachers in 13 schools across the three countries, and the project reached approximately 2,000 students.