The Federal Ecodesign Award is Germany’s highest state award for ecological design. As sponsors, the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency represent credibility, quality and informed validation.The German Federal Ecodesign Award is aimed at companies in all sectors and of all sizes, as well as individual designers which developed a product, service or concept, that demonstrates a high level of innovation, both from a design and environmental perspective.

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Consumer Goods, Buildings and construction, Industrial Sector

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Government / public sector, Civil society

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The German Federal Ecodesign Award recognises and honours pioneers in the field of ecological design. Winners receive an award in their respective category as well as the right to advertise themselves using the Ecodesign title. After the official presentation of the award, the winning entries will be part of a high-profile publicity campaign in a range of media. They will also feature in the online exhibition on the Federal Award website and take part in a touring exhibition. Moreover, winners of the Young Talent award each receive a cash prize of 1,000 euros.The Federal Ecodesign Award is a state-sponsored award and is not operated on a commercial basis.


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Outcome level

Policy instrument for SCP

  • German Federal Ecodesign Award

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Outreach and communication for SCP

  • German Federal Ecodesign Award 2018 Ceremony

Impact and Results

A good product should be beautiful and convenient, made to last, and cause the lowest possible impact on the environment. Often, this is a question of design: Up to 80 % of the total environmental impact of a product is design-dependent. This is the starting point for the German Federal Ecodesign Award, which has the overriding objective of bringing sustainable consumption out of its niche.

We know that our present way of life and business has no future. We consume too much resources and energy, are wasteful with soil and land, and emit too many greenhouse gases and pollutants. Thereby, we are damaging the very basis of life. There is some good news: It seems that we humans have recognised these truths. In 2015, the global community adopted new goals for sustainable development, which are set to be implemented over the coming one and a half decades. Around the world, a process of reversal has begun.

As consumers, this process will affect all of us, as what is required most urgently is a reversal in our consumption. However, for this to succeed, new products and services must be both environmentally friendly as well as “eye-catching”. The German Federal Ecodesign Award is supporting this task.

Next steps and how to get involved

Have you developed a product, service or concept, that demonstrates a high level of innovation, both from a design and environmental perspective? Then apply for the German Federal Government’s highest award for ecological design!

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