Food Made Good is an award winning programme created in 2010 by the Sustainable Restaurant Association in the UK. It helps food service businesses understand and address the sustainability challenges they face by defining sustainability, inspiring action, auditing performance and rewarding success.

Now available under licence to territories worldwide, our mission is to help more food services businesses operate more sustainably and by doing so to help create a sustainable global food system

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  • Africa
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  • Europe and Central Asia
  • Latin America / Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • North America

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Education, Food & Beverage, Tourism

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Education & Awareness Raising, Policy Frameworks & Tools

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Business Sector

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Isabel Terry

Food Made Good Global

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Food Made Good is a successful, ready to deploy programme for cities, states and countries that want to engage and support their food service sector around the sustainability challenge and who recognise that chefs and restaurants have a leadership role to play in changing consumer behaviour.

Originally created by The Sustainable Restaurant Association in the UK, the initiative was launched in 2010 with a practical, business focused approach. Today it supports a community of eight thousand member kitchens, from cafes to Michelin star restaurants, universities canteens to inflight caterers, influencing the sustainability of over 1 billion out of home meals per year.


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Impact and Results

Over the last decade the community has grown to 10,000+ kitchens, through which we influence the sustainability of over 1billion out of home meals annually.

Initiative outcomes are aligned with, support and provide data collection tools for a number of international programmes addressing environmental and social issues, e.g.
- The World Resources Institute’s Cool Food Pledge: Reducing food related GHGs by 25% by 2030
- Sustainable Development Goal 12.3: Halving per capita food waste by 2030
- Alliance to End Plastic Waste : Eliminating plastic waste from the environment.
- The Eat Lancet Commission’s global diet shift: 50% per capita reduction in meat consumption
- Global Business Initiative’s Human Rights agenda: Eliminate modern slavery from supply chains
- Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Target 75: 75% of world production sustainable by 2020

Next steps and how to get involved

This successful programme is now being made available to territories worldwide under licence. Licensees pay a set-up and annual per member fee and receive a customised and translated version of all the tools, content and materials as well as the audit and branding, their own digital platform, full training and ongoing support and membership of the global forum.

We know that the challenges facing the food system are urgent and global and that the choices we make about the way we grow, prepare, serve and dispose of food have far reaching impacts.

Food service is in a unique position to amplify the value of the action it takes, not only addressing its own operational and supply chain impacts but demonstrating to the thousands of diners that it serves how good sustainable food can be and influencing their choices, long after they have left the restaurant.

Food Made Good can help realise that potential; supporting businesses towards long term success, delivering lasting sectoral change and influencing consumer behaviour.