The Education for Sustainable Lifestyles Resource Portal aims to provide users with Learning Pathways into exploring and understanding the topic and themes of Sustainable Lifestyles. The portal will provide material (i.e., text and media) to help users navigate the complex topic of sustainable lifestyles and begin to see the connections between their own lifestyle choices and the wider pursuit of sustainable development.

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Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Policy Frameworks & Tools

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Andrea Norgren

Stockholm Environment Institute

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The purpose is to provide a digital learning platform that helps to navigate the themes and topics of sustainable lifestyles and provide a database of resources for deeper exploration. An easy to navigate and flexible Content Management System will provide the foundation of the portal for uploading learning materials, teaching tools, guidelines, cases, etc.
The platform should be developed in an evolving and expandable form.


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Impact and Results

There are three main target users of the portal: learners, teachers and policy makers. The learners target group may also be sub-divided into: students, parents and families, general public and communities.
By providing several access points into sustainable lifestyles themes, then a variety of relevant learning resources can be provided for the different actors to engage further into these areas.

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