The full programme of the 2020 Sustainable Retail Summit has been announced, with key information on content, speakers, timings and networking sessions.
15 September 2020
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The 2020 Sustainable Retail Summit, from the Consumer Goods Forum, brings together hundreds of the world’s industry leaders to dream big and inspire even bigger impacts. The online summit will allow for ample networking opportunities and will bring the spirit of the SRS straight to your screens. As we set out on the road to recovery before us, we value SRS more than ever for the opportunity to connect, collaborate and continue our impactful work.

Themes will range from what role sustainability will play in the new world and the leadership, operational and financial perspectives that can help drive the positive change needed to build a better normal, post-COVID-19. Whether you’re focus is on business operations, sustainability, marketing or health, or you’re from outside the consumer goods industry looking to motivate collective action, #SRS2020 has something for you!

Apart from hearing from CEOs, CFOs, CPOs and CSOs, as well as health and marketing experts from our industry and fellow organisations, attendees will also have the opportunity to network with and get inspired by hundreds of peers and leaders from all over the world – all aiming to dream big and impact the world in a positive way.

Take a look below at the main themes and some highlighted speakers, and click here for the full programme.


Leadership & Best Practices

The Leadership & Best Practices sessions will discuss what role sustainability has during a global health pandemic and how forward-thinking companies can actually unlock and accelerate purpose-driven opportunities. You will hear perspectives from CEOs and CFOs, how to build back better; and how to benefit from the increased attention from investors, regulators and other stakeholders for companies that deliver positive change.

Healthier Lives

We’ll hear from industry experts on why employee health and wellbeing matters in business and what has worked, or not, during the crisis, as we tried to juggle the need to protect our employees and customers and keep supply chains and operations moving. We’ll also hear a message to our industry from the Special Envoy for the UN Food Systems Summit and from members leading the work of our Collaboration for Healthier Lives Coalition.

Environmental Sustainability

All of us in the industry have a role to play in positively impacting the environment – be it our forests, oceans or people. Across the two days, we’ll explore more on industry actions to tackle food waste and educate consumers; we’ll learn more about collective action to build a forest positive future; and we’ll see how the industry is stepping up to the plastic waste challenge to help break the plastic wave. Sessions will bring together industry experts and members leading the respective CGF Coalitions.

Social Sustainability

Civil society and investors are increasing their expectations of the role of companies in preventing negative human rights impacts, be it modern slavery, child labour, discrimination or land rights, etc, and in furthering respect for human rights in their supply chains and business relationships. These sessions cover the role of governments and businesses in protecting workers. We will also hear from those in the know about what the new EU legislation means for business and we will explore the connection between human rights and environmental challenges like deforestation.

Brands, Challengers, Innovation and Transparency

As more traditional companies face increasing demands from consumers and new competitors in the shape of “challenger brands”, our sessions on brand storytelling and transparency will explore disruptive and sustainable business models and the opportunity for global corporates to get in on the action and to rethink the role of trust as a strategic driver for building deeper and more resilient relationships.


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  • Consumer Information for SCP
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